Men's health week 2019


Something wrong? Let's do something about it. 

Men's generally delay visiting the GP or other health services to address concerns of health and wellbeing. This year, we want to encourage men to be proactive in looking after their health. 

Men's Health Week 2019 runs from 10th - 16th June, and provides an opportunity to address some of the key issues in men's health and to raise the profile of men's health outcomes and health needs around the country. If you'd like to promote Men's Health Week, we have a free A2 poster available to order from 1st May. 


Men's Health Week events

We invite Australian communities, organisations and groups to run events during Men's Health Week to promote the health of Australian men and boys. To help with the running of an event, we've collaborated with the Australian Men's Shed Association to develop a health presentation kit, Spanner in the Works. Our health presentation kit (and all of our other resources) can be ordered at no cost and postage is free.

The Spanner in the Works kit includes:

  • Spanner in the Works booklets for your event attendees
  • A2 poster (with space for date and time of your event to be included)
  • Flyers to promote your event
  • ‘How to run an event’ guide
  • USB (with presentation uploaded for use when access to internet is limited)


Placing an order

Our Men's Health Week poster and Spanner in the Works kit will be available to order from 1st May. If you'd like us to send you a reminder email with a link to our online store on this date, please use the form below to enter your email address.

If you would like to order any of our other resources now, please use our online order form

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