What is a fractured penis?

A fractured penis can happen when there’s too much force on an erect penis. Because there are no bones in the penis, you can’t have a broken penis the way you can have a broken arm. However, an injury can cause the tissue inside the penis to rupture, resulting in a fracture.

What are the symptoms of a penis fracture?

When the penis fractures, you’ll sometimes hear a cracking or popping sound and your erection will go down. This will cause a bruised penis and significant pain.

What causes a penis fracture?

Penis fractures are uncommon. The main cause of a penis fracture is vigorous sexual intercourse or vigorous masturbation.

What can I do?

If you fracture your penis, you’ll need urgent surgery. It’s best if you can have penis surgery within six hours of the fracture. Any longer than six hours and long-term problems can occur, such as erectile dysfunction, scarring of the penis, or bent or deformed erections.


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